About Julia Sinclair-Brown

As an experienced and professionally qualified coach and trainer, I understand the key issues that many individuals are concerned with regarding their careers, whether it be acquiring good interview skills, writing impactful CVs to making the right career choices.  Importantly, organisations want to ensure that they can attract and retain high quality employees to create a happy, motivated workforce which will ultimately increase performance and gain wider organisational benefits. Career and performance coaching can help both the individual aiming to progress their career and the organisation in supporting the development of its employees.

With a track record of helping individuals receive career success, I am able to create either tailored one-off sessions where I might fine-tune your interview techniques and teach you how to build confidence for maximum impact to longer-term sessions where we would commit to work together to improve areas such as leadership, communication, time-management or resilience skills. You or your organisation decide the investment you would like to make in both time and money and I will guarantee your sessions are bespoke, meaningful for you and create the impact of change or improvement in your skills. Because I believe 100% in what I do, I offer your money back if you are less than fully satisfied with my service.

A brief background

  • Twenty years’ experience in HR, Recruitment, Learning and Development across different industries including private, not-for-profit and charity sectors; last six years working in the medical and healthcare science sectors providing career support for medical/science university applicants, dentists, nurses, GPs, consultants, paramedics, scientists, academic researchers and other NHS professionals including non-medical management and administration roles

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Career Coaching, qualified trainer (CIPD), counsellor and stress management practitioner

  • Extensive experience with ISC Medical (a leading provider of medical interview courses) offering one-to-one interview coaching, CV writing and training courses in career development

  • Co-authored the chapter ‘Coaching in Healthcare Settings’ in the book ‘Coaching in Professional Contexts’ by Christian van Nieuwerburgh.

I can offer face-to-face sessions within Cambridgeshire/ Bedfordshire and London but Skype and phone sessions allow for increased flexibility with time and location.

Case studies

Giles came to see me in preparation for an exciting graduate opportunity as a biochemist at a prestigious biotech company in Cambridge. He explained how interviews made him feel extremely nervous and unable to perform. We firstly looked at interview technique, structure, typical questions, handling difficult questions before dealing with interview nerves. Together we broke down the concept of ‘selling yourself’ in interviews into his results and achievements where Giles was able to clearly demonstrate his successes.  Our second session focused on cognitive-behavioural techniques to reframe his negative thinking about interviews and instead focus on positive visualisations/affirmations to see himself act and behave more confidently. Our third session was a mock interview where Giles had the opportunity to put everything together – not only did he get the job, but the interviewer told him he had performed a fantastic interview and left the panel highly impressed!

Amanda came to see me feeling very confused about her future career direction and uncertain whether hospital medicine was suited to her. She had rotated through several specialties and felt that none of them suited her. Our first session was based around self-assessment and exploration to create a deeper understanding of her values, strengths, interests and personality-type through a variety of interactive tools and discussion. This helped increase her self-awareness and identify what she felt was important to her in a career. The following two sessions were focused on career exploration and ways in which she could research potential options. We also undertook decision-making exercises and finally, preparation for her chosen specialty as a GP. Nine months later, Amanda reported that she was doing exceptionally well on her training scheme and greatly enjoyed the variety of GP work. She felt she was able to avoid the heartache and disillusionment of starting out in the wrong specialty by investing in coaching during the early part of her career.

Sarah had been referred for coaching by her manager after she had been promoted to a management position within an ambulance trust and was struggling to build credibility with her team who saw her as a weak and often stressed manager. I worked with Sarah using a combination of emotional intelligence and positive psychology interventions. This allowed Sarah to think about times she had been in a similar situation and did well and to think creatively about how she could apply those strengths now. We focused on the outcome she wanted rather than the problems she wanted to avoid. Sarah found daily journal writing to be a great help in reducing her negativity and becoming more aware of her emotional reactions to events. From examining feedback from others and exploring Sarah’s blind spots, we were able to raise her self-awareness and start to identify where problems had emerged in her relationships with her team. Although Sarah found coaching to be challenging at times, she accepted her role in making constructive changes and over a period of time, felt much less stressed and was able to successfully build long-lasting, stronger relationships with her team.

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