Many individuals driven by their passion to work in medical and healthcare science, focus on continually developing their clinical/research skills and find the ‘selling’ aspect of interviews to be quite daunting. However, for many roles, competition can be fierce so it is essential to learn and practice interview techniques in order to make a good, memorable impression on the employer.

I have coached extensively for interview skills across a wide range of levels and backgrounds from planning for undergraduate programmes in the medical, biomedical, dentistry, pharmaceutical sectors through to middle & senior-level clinical/research posts including non-medical NHS management positions.

Questions in clinical and healthcare science are varied but typically may fall under the following categories which I can support you with:

  • Personal qualities, motivation and drive

  • Technical skills

  • Innovation and change

  • Research/Audit/Teaching

  • Regulatory affairs/Clinical governance

  • Self-reflection and personal insight

  • Managing others (for those in supervisory/leadership roles)

  • Resilience skills

  • Communication skills

  • Ethical issues

  • NHS issues

  • Commercial awareness

I will work with you to understand the key components of any interview and develop winning strategies to land your target role.

I can help you to:

  • customise answers for your chosen role with practice for standard, situational, behavioural & competency-based interview questions

  • prepare including specific research you can carry out and predicting likely questions to be asked

  • structure your answers to ensure you are ‘selling’ your unique story to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd

  • prepare for role-plays by acting-out scenarios you may encounter

  • create mature and well-balanced answers to ethical questions

  • plan for group tasks and assessment centres

  • make a final, lasting impression by preparing for good questions to ask at the end


For those in more senior roles, additionally I can support you to:

  • structure powerful answers to demonstrate service development and improvement

  • personalise answers on how current NHS issues impact your role/specialism

  • create answers to illustrate awareness for cost savings and efficiencies

  • demonstrate a broad depth of leadership skills from motivating others to managing under-performing team members

Prices start from £180 for a 2-hr session depending on level of role and experience


A 10% discount is offered on the total price if two or more sessions are booked together

Confidence building for Interviews

Nerves and anxiety around job interviews is normal and, in fact, the pumping adrenaline can be performance-enhancing. However, for some it can become so overwhelming that it causes a level of anxiety that overtakes any ability to think and perform rationally, resulting in a poor interview with a negative outcome. Through learning techniques to change our thinking around the interview process it becomes possible to create a more positive and confident approach to performing well.

Reframing thoughts about Interviews


Reframing comes from the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) model which looks at the connection between our neurology, the language we use and our behaviour. Our associations of an experience (whether good or bad) then become ‘our frame of reference’ or our default thinking.

In terms of interviews, NLP can be used to understand how a person has unhelpful thoughts and beliefs about job interviews, which then result in negative ‘programmes’ or unhelpful frames of reference. It can then be used to challenge these programmes or frames of reference in order to change them and create more empowering thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Ultimately, it will help those who suffer from interview nerves to approach job interviews with less anxiety and more confidence.

Reframing can help to:

  • change old and unhelpful meanings about yourself and job interviews

  • use the ‘possibility’ technique to create a positive image of yourself during interviews

  • handle anxious emotions under pressure

  • build rapport with the interviewer

  • convey confidence through body language

  • stay calm and composed before and during the interview

  • objectively analyse interview feedback for future learning


Both Interview Coaching and Confidence-Building sessions can be offered by Skype/telephone or face-to-face in St Neots, Cambridgeshire (approx. 35-40 mins fast train access from Kings Cross, London). Face-to-face sessions are a minimum of 2 hrs and an additional £50 would be added to the cost.

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