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Career management for organisations

I offer career planning through both one-to-one and/or group workshops to help retain talented staff and outplacement support for colleagues to find new external roles or explore other career development opportunities.

The expense of recruiting and training new employees or employing long-term locums and bank staff can result in very costly fees for healthcare organisations which is not ideal in an existing tight financial climate. Through good career planning, employers can motivate and retain their best employees, thereby saving money and also helping to secure a safer environment for patients and service users through consistency of long-term staff.

Career Planning may include: 

  • Preparation for internal selection processes through guidance with Interview skills/CVs/Application writing
  • Helping demotivated or confused staff to find new pathways within the organisation
  • Support for those affected by internal change or reorganisation
  • One-to-one career coaching to support individual and organisational career objectives
  • Development of key skills required to fast-track potential employees
  • Supporting those with career-related workplace issues

For those whose roles have been made redundant, an outplacement service can provide the practical and emotional support that is needed to help them transition into a new appropriate role as quickly as possible.

During this time of personal uncertainty, the provision of such support can make a significant difference to an individual’s job search success.

Outplacement support may include: 

  • Supporting individuals to understand their personal values, skills/strengths and future aspirations
  • Preparation for external selection processes through guidance with Interview skills/CVs/Application writing
  • Providing Career Clinics offering drop-in career coaching appointments
  • Support with job searches and networking skills
  • Helping individuals to identify alternative career goals they may want to explore
  • Guidance and support with settling in to a new job


The benefits for the organisation and individual in providing an Outplacement programme are far-reaching and a worthwhile investment.

For an organisation, it can result in reduced conflicts and fewer legal disputes; frees up time and effort for HR and line management; demonstrates that the organisation is supportive and genuinely cares about exiting colleagues maintaining morale of remaining colleagues.

For an individual, it can increase employability opportunities; build confidence at a vulnerable time; provide direction and focus on future career aspirations, ease and speed up the process of transitioning into another role; provide practical and emotional support including coping with change.

These services can be held in-house, locally in Cambridgeshire, via skype or a combination of these. Please enquire via phone or email on how I can support your organisation with Career Management planning.


"Thanks Julia, loving the new eye-catching CV! Had three interview invites in under a week! ☺"
Sara, medical administrator
"Julia supported me in managing a team with complex issues and some difficult personalities. I found the roleplay exercises in communication skills to be excellent. Being able to think about the impact I was having has greatly helped my working relationships. I’ve also been able to coach some of my team members in communication skills when supporting their own teams."
Derek, Programme Manager
"Julia helped to give me clarity about whether to study for my Masters qualification; she made me feel completely comfortable and helped explore different possibilities. I now have greater focus and am relieved to be able to stop worrying about my decision."
Beth, Special Education Needs Co-ordinator
"I worked with Julia to find ways to manage my high stress levels, I’m now better able to cope under pressure and more in control of my emotions. I’d never taken the time to step back and reflect and coaching gave me a wonderful opportunity to do just that. I’m booking my yoga retreat soon!"
Jane, midwife
"Julia helped me to regain confidence in myself after a career setback, after a series of sessions I was able to reconnect with my strengths, believe in myself again and secure the post I wanted! Thank you"
Peter, Consultant in Emergency Medicine
"Julia, just to let you know, I did go the interview …. I felt like running away the entire time …. I tried really hard to use examples and be specific and I can’t really remember much of what I said because it was such a nervous haze … but the HR guy said to me I came across as very confident (ha!) … AND I got the job!!! Thanks SO much for the intensive practice and support!"
Kat, Consultant in Palliative Care
"Hi Julia, I think that was the best interview I have ever done in my life. Thank you so much for your help"
Amira, applicant for midwifery degree
"Hi Julia, I have been offered a GP partnership and have accepted the same. Wanted to thank you for the help provided with the interview preparation.”
Santhosh, GP Partner
"Julia gets results! I got the job I wanted as a result of Julia’s interview coaching. Her deep understanding of the interview process and her ability to deliver constructive criticism in a way that’s easy to accept made it possible for me to make the necessary adjustments to perform well in what was previously to me a mystifying and intimidating process. Though I hope I won’t need them any time soon, I’m going to keep her contact details close just in case! Thanks Julia"
James, Independent Contractor
"I’ve got good news – I’ve received offers from all of my choices! I’ve firmed Cardiff, it was still my first choice in the end. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help and advice. I don’t think I would have done as well as I did without it – so thank you ☺"
Regine, medical school applicant
"I worked with Julia during a transition in my career and at a time of self-doubt. She helped me to develop confidence and self-belief in my own skills. I found her style to be non-judgemental and motivating. I went on to secure the job I was after and would recommend her in the future"
Sarah, Clinical Physiotherapy Specialist
"I would like to thank Julia for her excellent work and assistance during my redundancy notice as she worked constantly to build up my CV and assist with interview techniques, as after 28 years in the services, hadn’t needed one. It was so well-documented that within 1 week of submitting to recruitment companies, I was appointed by a private sector company so a job well done by Julia for help in making that happen."
Andreas, Semi-retired paramedic
"Julia provided me with excellent career coaching sessions. She gave constructive structured help and encouraged me to achieve my goals. I highly recommend her"
Joanne, Consultant Psychiatrist and Medical Lead
"I knew when I finished there was no way they could not appoint me, felt 99% sure as both presentation and most of my answers were so strong and confident and I didn’t shake after my clinical lead and clinical director tried to give me some hard time. Don’t worry you’ll get my best recommendations and will tell everyone I know to take you as a coach if they wanna get the job"
Damir, Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

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