Whether you want to explore career paths in clinical or healthcare science roles, are experiencing “stuckness” during mid-career, seeking to gain specific skills for career advancement or thinking about early retirement, career coaching can help to give clarity and direction.

For many of those working in healthcare environments, the pressures and demands are significant and can leave the most dedicated professional wondering whether they want to continue in their chosen career path or create a new direction for themselves. These life-changing decisions often take time to th

The variation in opportunities within the medical and healthcare science sector (and regions) means that some roles are in great demand, whilst others are more competitive with fewer posts available and a job-for-life no longer a guarantee. Career coaching can create an opportunity to reflect and consider your choices and the options available for professional development.

Medical specialities alone offer up to 60 different areas to choose from and approximately 45 within healthcare science where there can be a vast choice between the life sciences, physiological sciences, physical sciences and engineering.

Career coaching can help to:

  • Create the opportunity for the individual to explore their values, interests, skills and aspirations

  • Choose a healthcare career that suits your personal qualities and lifestyle

  • Gain deeper knowledge of career choices to consider the wider picture through accessing all the information available

  • Explore opportunities for career development to maintain enthusiasm and passion in your chosen field

  • Enhance your employability for future internal and external opportunities

  • Support the transitioning process of those returning to work after a career break

These can be booked as one-off sessions to discuss a particular topic around your career or a series of sessions to look at your career in more depth. First or single sessions would be 2 hours but follow-up sessions can be 1.5 hours if preferred (priced accordingly).

Prices start from £180 for a 2-hr session


A 10% discount is offered on the total price if two or more sessions are booked at the same time 

The sessions can be offered by skype/telephone or face-to-face in St Neots, Cambridgeshire (approx. 35-40 mins fast train access from Kings Cross, London). Face-to-face sessions are a minimum of 2 hrs and an additional £50 would be added to the cost.

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