According to Whitmore (2003), performance coaching is simply defined as “unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” Performance coaching is focused on creating forward momentum and achieving results.

Coaching senior managers within the NHS has become a popular intervention for developing leadership skills and supporting teams. However, it can also be a powerful learning intervention for other clinical healthcare science professionals who additionally may benefit from developing skills in the workplace that are uniquely tailored for them. In this regard, coaching can have a greater and more permanent impact on the individual than can be gained from only attending training courses.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) state that coaching can benefit organisations in a number of ways. Within healthcare settings, coaching can assist by positively influencing:

  • Productivity and work quality

  • Greater commitment from senior managers

  • Improved management of other staff

  • Patient/ customer services

  • Retention of key employees who feel valued

  • Working relationships

  • Preparation for role/career changes

For the individual, the benefits can positively influence:

  • Working relationships with managers, immediate supervisors and peers

  • Communication skills with patients/customers

  • Enhancing personal impact and performance

  • Improved leadership skills

  • Job satisfaction levels

  • Reduced stress levels and improved health

  • Enhanced confidence

Performance coaching creates a rare opportunity for individuals to be unconditionally supported in reflecting their thoughts through gaining personal insight and increased self-awareness. The confidential nature of coaching allows for coachees to safely explore ideas and new possibilities and yet be challenged in a way that leads to positive, lasting changes. One-to-one sessions provide a fast-track route to developing an individual towards realising their full potential.

Coaching can be carried out through face-to-face sessions, via Skype or a combination of both. I understand the dynamic and pressurised environment in which healthcare professionals work, and aim to be flexible and responsive to the unique demands of each client. Please do get in contact for an initial consultation where we can discuss your preferences and requirements.

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