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Welcome to the first blog from Sinclair Career Consulting!

So, as the name suggests, my business offers a range of coaching and training services around career development and performance. As I have been working predominantly in the healthcare sector over the past 5 years, I decided to focus my business in this area as I have developed a very good understanding of the environment in which healthcare professionals work. My aim of the blog will be to look at topical or career-based issues for those working in healthcare which I hope you will find interesting and informative ….

So, what is career management? Well, it includes a range of different aspects – from gaining support in choosing the right healthcare career, applying for jobs, acquiring new skills whilst in post to improve performance or increasing resilience in the workplace. Basically, it’s everything to do with your career! Most people don’t truly think through early career choices which should account for their skills, values, long-term aspirations and this is quite often perceived as a luxury … How absurd is that when it involves 40+ hours per week doing a job that may have been based on a poor early career decision? Or we might feel grateful for the recent promotion but inside be suffering from ‘Imposter Syndrome’ falsely believing that it will only be a matter of time before getting found out that they put the wrong person in the job! … Coaching around career issues can deal with all of these matters in a non-judgemental, confidential and non-biased way.

My business is focused on supporting both individuals at all levels who may want a single session of interview skills coaching and also organisations who may, for example, want to put in place a CV writing workshop as part of a redundancy package. Or an organisation may want to support new managers by offering performance coaching to help them quickly and effectively transition in to the new role or provide resilience coaching/training to better equip healthcare professionals at any level to cope with high levels of pressure in their jobs.

The perception of coaching in organisations has changed over recent years – it is no longer exclusively reserved for those at the top and fortunately, HR are recognising that the return-on-investment can be a big pay-off. The benefits are that it can help to keep employees feel motivated and valued by the organisation and, very importantly, it can increase work quality, productivity and retention of its best employees (International Coach Federation). Within the NHS, patient safety is a critical factor and having an engaged, happy and consistent workforce is highly important to help achieve this.

So, whether you simply want a CV review or you are an HR professional enquiring about coaching for some of your team, please do drop me an email or call me where I will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

In the meantime, enjoy the festive season and I hope 2016 brings you good health, prosperity and career success …


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