With pressures ever-increasing in NHS organisations in particular and often, limited resources, it may, at times feel difficult to keep control of our emotions and possibly be overwhelmed by them. Resilience is more than just dealing with difficult events in our lives but rather, it can prepare us to remain flexible in thoughts, behaviours and actions when under pressure.

The word resilience stems from the Latin derivative ‘resilire’ meaning to leap back, recoil. We all experience adversity, from everyday changes and challenges to serious losses but psychologists have long recognised the capabilities of humans to adapt and overcome risk and adversity.

In the workplace, certain stressors can be triggered from a single event such as redundancy, organisational change or over-exposure to ongoing demands over a period of time. Without the ability to manage setbacks with a flexible mindset, people can experience the following:

  • Inability to make good decisions

  • Lack of self-confidence

  • A negative outlook and feelings of despondency

  • Reduced ability to think creatively

  • Inability to manage emotions e.g. easily upset, angry, irrational behaviour

  • Lack of a desire to interact with others


The above are indicators of signs and symptoms that a person may display that are ‘out-of-character’ for that individual. It cannot be presumed that these signs are representative of everyone but being able to recognise them in ourselves or others can help to identify when someone may not be coping.

Resilience coaching does not focus on those external issues we cannot change, but rather our approach to them which can help to build our own internal coping mechanisms.

One-to-one sessions in resilience coaching can help to:

  • Regain an optimistic approach and a sense of ‘hopefulness’

  • Identify strengths and inner resources

  • Gain a sense of balance and perspective

  • Seek meaning/purpose in work/personal life

  • Re-connect with others

  • Exercise self-care

Psychometric testing can help to identify aspects of ourselves which might be known/ unbeknown to us and provides greater self-awareness; ultimately, resilience coaching helps us to reframe our thinking and creates a ‘new story’ or ‘way of being’ through a more positive set of beliefs.

I also offer workshops in Increasing Resilience. Please enquire for further information. Both one-to-one and group sessions can be adapted more specifically for ‘Stress Management’ and this can be tailored to suit individual/group needs.

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